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What Is Faith Blossoms?


Faith Blossoms is a faith-based craft business that specializes in making plush bears, along with selling other items such as handmade stationery kits & jewelry. Everything is inspired by multiple aesthetics including Cottagecore, Academia, and Vintage!

Holding a cherry blossom vibe, Faith Blossoms is ran and operated by a sole owner,  Justice Rizzo



Symphonic Post

Old German Newspaper

To inform and inspire,

the Symphonic Post is a feed of posts showing the latest products, news regarding the business, finished crafts and inspiration for things vintage, nature, faith-based and more!

About My Crafts


Everything about my crafts, including what they are made of!

Coffee Shop

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Want to view what's in shop?

Visit us on Etsy where you can view all of our crafts available for purchase

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Visit FaithBlossomsNC on YouTube & Rumble

Our shop is now on YouTube and Rumble where content such as product showings will be coming soon!



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